Well, Aletha, I imagine you probably thought I forgot about you...but that is certainly not the case!  Below is a testimonial and referral for Happy Tailz Farm and a picture of one of it's favorite sons from long ago:

We purchased our first goat 9 years ago after visiting Happy Tailz.  We had made arrangements to get a young buck from another breeder who only had the one available for wethering and we needed a companion for him.  Aletha and family introduced us to Eli, a small chamois youngster, who was a favorite of her daughter and in desperate need of a home.  We did not decide at first but the memory of the little guy and his great personality made us decide that he would be a nice addition.  We brought him home and installed him in our garage while I worked on his outdoor home.  While I hammered nails each day he ate the garden, walked on the deck railing, and now and again butted me from behind when he wanted attention.  It was actually a relief when the breeder called us and told us that our other young buck was ready to come home but Eli continued to  prefer human company and does to this day.  The following year we bought a third goat from Happy Tailz and could not be happier.  Bottle fed young goats raised in a good environment by good people are just better to be around.  I am enclosing a link to a picture of Eli at 9 years old.   If you look over his shoulder you can just see Sugar, our other HT goat.  He is starting to show his age a little but is still very active and happy.  Considering the vet told us our wethers would only last a couple of years, I think we are doing pretty good!  
My oldest daughter goes to MSU and studies animal science/agriculture which, of course, is all your fault.  You see it all started with this annoying, noisy little chamois buck.  Had to get him friends so he would shut up at least half the day and give me some peace.  Cost so much to feed them that I had to start cutting my own hay.  Now I have five tractors and equipment scattered over half the township and sell my excess to the horse people.  Of course my kid just loved the whole thing and now wants to be a farmer.  In fact she already tells people that she is a farmer.  I go to school functions and people come over and say "So, you're a farmer?".  All those years of college and passing the CPA exam...oh well.   
David Hage
Brighton, MI
June 17, 2009


April 9,2011


So far so good! The kids are eating and pooping!
I am sure we will have lots of questions (probably sooner than later).
I have to be honest here - we have been keeping animals for a long time. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to get animals or have them shipped only to be disappointed upon receipt. Not this time! We were very impressed with their appearance and eagerness to take the bottle! They seem to be adjusting well, they are already following us around.

Thanks so much for meeting us yesterday. I will keep you updated as we go.

Mark & Jean U.

May 19, 2011

Buddy and T. are doing well, Nora and I are very pleased with them and thank you so much for the choice on Buddy He's a real winner.


March 18, 2012

Hi Aletha,

 I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we still have VA Squiggy and he is still going strong out there.  Iím sure you get a lot of emails from your many customers but I know I always enjoy hearing good things about the kids and lambs that I sell and so I thought you might also.

 I just visited your site to see if you had a picture of a buck called Happy Tailz PC Tipsey (Doe-Sy-Doe's Prince Charming *S x MCH Happy Tails Holiday Surprise), I may be in the market for another buck and a grandson of your Tipsey may be available for sale.  Do you by chance have any pictures of Tipsey that you might be able to email to me?  I know itís a long shot but I thought I would ask anyway. 

 I hope that all is going well for you and your family.  Thank you again for not just selling us VA Squiggy but also meeting us in that Walmart parking lot so that we didnít have to make the long trip all the way to northern Michigan to pick him up too.   That may have been the strangest way we have ever bought a goat but he has been worth it. 

 Patty Chambers