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Registered Nigerian Dwarf doe. Michigan. Happy Tailz Farm. Ron and Aletha Moody.



MCH Happy Tailz Holiday Surprize

Date of birth: Sept 6,1999- July 31,2008
HES: (9.0,90,90,89.5) final score 71.85 Promising 
Height: 20.5"

Sire: Buttin' Heads Bryney Deep*S
 ( Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye x  ARMCH Columbus Zoo Chelsie *D)

Dam: Piddlin Acres Petticoat
 (MCG/PGCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder VG x MCH Piddlin Acres Doe "C" Doe E)

2x Grand Champion Junior Doe
3x Grand Champion Senior Doe
2x Best Udder
1x Champion of the Day  


Surprize is chocolate with beige moon spots and a light sprinkling of frosting on her ears and beautiful blue eyes. This beautiful little doe just oozes dairy character. As Harvey Considine once said after judging her at the Wisconsin show "she has dairy character to spare". She has soft pliable skin, nice open ribbing and a nice top line though this photo doesn't show it and has a very friendly, laid back temperament.  Her udder has nice capacity, easy milking teats, nice division of halves and a beautiful smooth for udder. What I would like to change is a higher rear udder which would bring her teats more plum.  Prize's age is starting to show so I have decided to retire her from making beautiful babies and just be a much loved doe around here. UPDATE: My precious Prizie is now romping and playing at Rainbow Bridge. It was a hard decision but one that had to be made. I loved her that much that it was a decision that I had to make, for her. Even to this day, I miss her so very much and cannot wait till the day I see my girl again.


Happy Tailz Glittering Sunset

Date of birth: June 3, 1999 to March 3,2008
HES: (8.9,90,90,89.5) final score 71.75 Promising
Height: 19"

Sire: MCH Goodwood Edward Steichen
 ( Lost Pines KT Sugar Daddy +S* x Goodwood Dingle)

Dam: Karim's Spotted Dove
 (Karim's Sebastian x  MCH Karim's Little Dove) 


   Sadly we lost our Sunny on March 3rd, 2008. She will be a much missed doe around here but she will be forever in our hearts. She was our first adult doe that we have ever lost and it hurt us all tremendously.  Another of our first home breds to go to Rainbow Bridge. Sunny passed away after a very difficult kidding, even though the vet and I did all we could, we lost her.  She was my daughters doe, one who still liked to nurse on my daughters ear lob whenever she was sick, kidding or just when she wanted some reassuring. I look forward to the day when I can see this girl again. She will be sadly missed.


MCH Sugar Creek's PT Show Tunes 2*D 'E'

DOB 4/1/2003 Height: 16" @ 3 months
Milk record: 3.3 pounds on one day test.
Show Record: 5 X GCHsr, 3 X RChsr, 1 X GCHj, 1 X RCHj, 6 x Best of Breed
LA: VVEV 88 as a first freshener in 2005
AGS Classification: 92.1

Sire: Sugar Creek's MT Pantomine *S
Dam: Ponders End Country Tunes *D

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Sugar



  MCH Caesar's Villa GD Zipper*S

D.O.B: May 7, 1999
HES: not yet

Sire: Goodwood Cimmaron Giddyup
Sire's Sire: Creek Road Cimmaron 
Sire's Dam: MCH Goodwood Tahoka

Dam: ARMCH Caesar's Villa Zesta*D
Dam's Sire: Caesar's Villa Zorro 
Dam's Dam: Enchanted Hill Liza 


  Happy Tailz Farm. Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe. Michigan. Green Gate Star Search.


  Green Gate Star Search

D.O.B: August 6, 2000
Height Not HES's yet

Sire: Green Gate Star Man
Sire's Sire: Little Rascal's Just-a-Jigalow 
Sire's Dam: MCH Lone Star Annie Oakley

Dam: Green Gate Glass Slipper
Dam's Sire: MCH Goodwood X-Ray 
Dam's Dam: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella *D

1x Grand Champion Senior Doe


  Star is a very smoothly blended, very angulated  doe who has the awesome rump of her Grand mother, Annie Oakley, long, level and very flat from thurl to thurl. Lots of capacity on both sides of her pedigree. Plenty of strong medial and excellent teat size. Star's udder is very soft to the touch and is easy to milk. Nice division of the halves and pretty good teat placement and size. However, I would like to see higher rear udder, and more broader area of attachment.   Star has went on to live at Raynbow Farms.


Doe-Sy-Doe's Prince Charming
Date of birth May 6, 2003
H.E.S: N/A

Sire: Rosasharn's Tiger L*S
Sire's Sire: Stonewall's Apocalypse now
Sire's Dam: ARMCH goodwood Water Lilly 2*D (2000 AGS National Grand Champion)

Dam: Doe-Sy-Doe's Thumbalina
Dam's Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom's Thumb+*S (1997 & 2000 AGS National Grand Champion Buck)
Dam's Dam: MCH Doe-Sy-doe's Honey Bun *D (2000 National Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe)
1x Reserve Grand Champion

Sadly we lost this wonderful buck.

I got to see this little fella's dam and grand dam at the Nationals and all I can say is wow, we just had to have those genetics into our herd and we feel that we did just that by bringing Prince home with us from the Nationals. We are hoping he will pass along those wonderful mammary genetics to his daughters, guess we will just have to wait and see. Prince has nice elastic skin, open ribbing,  nice angulation and a long body. What I would like to change would be a more level rump, as you can see in the picture and I would expect as he becomes more mature more depth of body. 


Gay-Mor gNat's Pageantry 4*D AR1732

DOB: 2/2/2001 Height: 21.5" @ 3 yrs.
HES: 90.45 (89 90 90 91) Excellent
Milk Record: First test day 4.5 pounds.
Show Record: 1 X GCH senior, 1 X Best Udder, 2004 AGS National Youth RCH, 1 X GCH junior

SIRE:Gay-Mor's LS gNat *S
ss: Gay-Mor JJU Larksong *S
sd: Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing 4*D AR, 3 X GCH

DAM:Gay-Mor's Lucky Novel Wish 3*D, 1 X GCH
ds: MCH Twin Creeks Luck of the Draw +S

dd: ARMCH Gay-Mor GM Berry's Jurassic 2*D AR

Pageant is a colorful broken red-gold buckskin. She is long, level, deep and wide and open in the rear. Her udder 2nd udder is very nicely attached all around with a good medial, more capacity & plum teats.


Photos courtesy of Cheryl Sugar


ARMCH Jobi Lovely 3*D AR1612 'E'
DOB: 1-29-1997
HES: 90.2 (91 90 92 89)
Height: 21" @ 4 years.
Show Record: 7 X BEST Udder in Show, 2 X Champ. Challenge winner

Milk Record:
2002: 5.01 305 824 51(6.2%) 36(4.4%) High Day: 5.0 pounds
2001: 4.03 174 557 34(6.1%) 24(4.3%) High Day: 5.2 pounds!
2000: 3.03 229 553 35(6.3%) 26(4.7%)

SIRE: Jobi Tomkin
ss: MCH Jobi Goldsmith
sd: Goodwood Madrigal *D AR1445, Top Ten Milker 1998

DAM: Jobi Good 2*D AR 1494
ds: Jobi Mingo
dd: Goodwood Minuet *D

ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 6*D 'E' AR1857

DOB 9/17/2003 Height: 19 1/8"
2006 Milk Record: 2.11 1141 69(6.0%) 49(4.3%)
AGS Classification: 92.3
Show Record: 1 X GCHj, 2 X GCH, 1 X RCH
Awards: ANDDA Total Performer, AGS All Time Breed Leader for production on a one day test, Michigan All Time Breed Leader for milk production.

SIRE:Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge +*S
DAM:Sugar Creek's NR Revelation 5*D

Silhouette is chocolate chamoisee. This photo really doen't do her justice. She is long, wide and level. Her udder is well attached with well placed teats, wonderful texture & a nice MSL. We knew she was milking good but were totally blown away on her first test day when she milked 5.0 pounds as a first freshener!
Her high day as a 2nd freshener she milked 6.8 pounds. Making her the Michigan All Time Breed Leader for Milk!



Photo's and information courtesy of Cheryl Sugar of Sugar Creek Farm

MCH Goodwood Wiesbaden 'E'
DOB 12-21-1997 AGS Excellent 90.0

SIRE:Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood +S
DAM:Goodwood Bejou Mary



MCH Sugar Creek's FR Sandflea 2*M (pend,)

DOB 4/6/2003
LA: +EE+ 85 July 2005.
Show Record: 2 X GCHj, 2004 AGS National Junior Youth Champ. 1 X GCH & 1 X RCH senior
Awards: #1 for Michigan in Butterfat and Protien production.

SIRE: Caesar's Villa FZ First Rate *S
DAM: ARMCH Gay-Mor RA Mayfly 4*D 1610


Caesar's Villa FZ First Rate *S
DOB 5-5-2002
HES 88.55 (88 88 89)
Show Record: 1 X RCH senior buck

SIRE: Caesar's Villa SG Fritzgerald *S
ss: Dixie-Does PL Sir Galahad *S
sd: ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Flaxen 2*D

DAM: ARMCH Caesar's Villa PN Fabulous 2*D
ds: Caesar's Villa CBS Poncho *S
dd: ARMCH Inavale Felicia *D, 2003 AGS Natn'l GCH

I just love this buck and I'm very thankful to Sugar Creek for letting us bring some of his genetics into our herd.  Photo and information courtesy for Cheryl Sugar of Sugar Creek


Caesar's Villa FL Brat In Barn *S

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