Okay, here it is again, after a few years of not talking about the pooch
We have found a way through the years to be close to
100% accurate to tell if a doe is bred.. This test even baffled the vets from University of
Florida when they came to our farm to train local vets on ultrasound. As the
does were put into a milk stand, Rodney announced whether they were bred or
not by looking under their tails. Then the ultrasound either confirmed or
denied his findings. After around the 15th or 16th doe (animals not
from our farm), the vets started looking as well, and Rodney taught them his
technique. They were greatly appreciative of his wonderful observations and
soon all were doing the pooch test before the ultrasound!
He was 100% accurate, even at 3 weeks bred, btw.

When a doe is open, her anus us tucked very nicely way up under the top of
her tail. Her vulva is very small and smooth. When she first gets bred,
her vulva is usually a bit swollen and red, but that disappears after a
If she took, her vulva doesn't go back to that small smooth little triangle
of flesh, but is longer, more like a tear drop in shape. The farther along
she gets the longer and eventually more wrinkled looking her vulva gets.
Her anus starts "drooping" below her tail head and becomes more and more
When she is ready to kid and is laying down, the vulva is really BIG and
So if you look at your open does compared to the ones bred, you will soon
see what I'm talking about. Even as early as 21 days past breeding the
vulva changes it's size and structure.
That's the Rodney Smith, totally self made, pooch test that has withstood
many years of testing and verifying its accuracy!

Jennifer Smith
Capriherb Farm
Baltimore, Ohio

Here are some pictures from Karen Evens Haley's post in FB's Goatwisdome post.