Say NO! To N.A.I.S!~!
  Got a note the other day, 
  when I was done unloading hay. 
  Microchips are now the way, 
  They need to chip despite my say
  They'll chip my horse, they'll chip my goat
  Chip each and every little shoat
  Chips in my cow and in my chicks
  To track them if and when they're sick
  Chip the pony, chip the pig
  Chip the livestock small and big
  Put a chip in chicks and ducks
  So "they" can track when they're in trucks.
  Chip the turkey, chip the emu, 
  chip the ram and chip the ewe,
  Put a chip into the rooster
  Put a chip into the goose-ter
  Don't miss the sheep along the way 
  So they can track them when they stray
  Chip them if they bleat or neigh,
  if they moo, cheep, squeal or bray
  And when they're done with fish and fowl
  Pigs and sheep and goats and cow,
  Chip the cats and dogs they say
  Bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, Yeah!
  Chip no matter what you say, 
  so they can track them night and day
  And when they're done, nothing else to do
  They'll mandate to CHIP YOU TOO!

  Say NO! to NAIS
  Written by Sue Martin