~ I would like to introduce you to the  new kids of Happy Tailz Farm.  They are our hopes and our future!~




Happy Tailz ZM FrozenCoke

Date of birth: 3/26/2015

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm I'm Zemanakel

Dam: Happy Tailz P CherryFreeze



Photos courtesy of Margot Cassel

Dams 1st freshening udder


CUAtLilRedBarn Farley Elk

Date of birth: 3/13/15

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Winter Storm

(CH ATwood Acres GR Jackpot x CH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9)

Dam: CH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk

(Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk x Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn)


All I can say is WOW! If she has half the udder and conformation she will be the one to watch in the ring and in the milk pail.. She will be coming soon from Cuatlilredbarn.




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