Udder photos are with approximately 12 hours of milk.  I will be putting up udder pictures of all does as they freshen.

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 Happy Tailz SR Queto Taco Bell

Date of birth:  2/7/05

Sire: Rosasharn's Sun Ray*S
(Rosasharn's TL Unregrettable*S x Rosasharn's 3X Trouble Sunshine *D)

Dam: Sandy Hollow KD Solola
(MCH Goodwood KW Dallas *S x Piddlin Acres Pandora's Box 2*D)


Hey don't ask about her name my daughter named her<G>LOL!!!  Her udder is buttery soft, and milks down to nothing.  It's a very nicely shaped udder, with 1/3 showing in the front, 1/3rd in the middle and a 1/3rd behind her leg.   It is fairly high in the rear, but I would like to see a smoother for udder and a greater area of attachment. I will have to say that her udder has broken down with age and is not as high or tight, for this reason all her buck kids will be wethers.  Wow, this girl is going to be 14  years old next February and she's still going strong! Way to go Queto, way to go!!!





Irish Whisper W Angel Soft
Date of birth: 5/01/07

Sire: Sugar Creek RC Willfull
(Irish Whipsper RA Raising Cain AI  X  GCH/ARMCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience )

Dam: Irish Whisper Cottony Soft
(Morning Star LK Sundown x Jean's Dream Powder Puff Q)




Well I did get a different picture up of T.P.  Its not the best picture of this awesome doe but it will have to do till I get her clipped for show season.  WOW is all I can say when this girl freshened! Her udder is amazing, it's very tightly attached, very high in the rear, nice plumb teats, the only things  I would like to change is a smoother fore udder and more division of the halves.   She is such a dream to milk! I would also like to see  shaper withers on this girl and longer bodied doe. 




3rd freshening



For udder



 CH Happy Tailz SS  Yld Fire
Date of birth: 4/7/08

Sire: Happy Tailz FR Sure Shot X
(Caesar's Villa FZ First Rate*S x Happy Tailz Zip Specialty)

Dam: Happy Tailz CM Mudslinger
(Lost Valley KW Candy Man*S x Lost Valley BN Mudslide)


Yld Fire received two legs at the MDGS Show Spectacular this year! and went on to get a Best In Show!

For 2015, YldFire received her final leg making her a Master Champion and also won Champion Challenge and went on to get Best of Breed,


I'm pleased as punch with Yld Fire's  udder, it is glued on and has allot of lateral attachment, it has nice plumb teats with nice orifices, which makes milking a real pleasure.   But just look at her 3rd freshening udder!  I would like to see a tad bit smoother for udder. But let me tell ya, that udder is NOT swinging in the breeze~!<G>  I just love this doe, she has very sharp withers, nice long dairy neck, pretty nice rump and angulation of her rear legs, although you cant see it in this picture.  In the show ring this girl sets herself up, even had a judge comment on this when he placed her as Best In Show.


 Happy Tailz VL Rebel

Date of brith:2/28/08

Sire: Happy Tailz BB VaLenny

Dam: Happy Tailz Glittering Sunset

Rebel is our only pet doe because of teat spurs.. All her kids will be sold as wethers and pet does. 



Please excuse the hairy pictures

1st freshening udderUse links below to save image.




Happy Tailz WC Blayz'nHot

Date of birth: 3-12-11

Sire: Irish Whisper YS White Cloud
(MI Sugercreek XC Yippie Skippy x Irish Whisper W Cottonelle)
Dam: IAM Happy Tailz SS  YLD Fire
(AGS Happy Taliz FR Sure ShotX x AGS Happy Taliz CM Mudslinger)



I will try and get a better picture but its so hard to do with those people friendly goats<G> The rear view is just her el natural.  Look at those nice plum teats.  Hottie freshened with a snuggly attached udder and a very smoothly blended for udder. What I would like to change would be larger teats, although her orifices are wonderful, for ease of hand milking but I'm hoping that they will get larger with her next freshening just like her 1/2 sister Aggie's did.  Please excuse the hairy pictures, . I would like to see higher rear udder attachment and more lateral attachments.


Use links below to save image.


CH(pending) Happy Tailz PT DoeRayMe

Date of birth: 3/6/13

Sire: Wood Bridge Peregrin Took  

Dam: Happy Tailz W Aggie

                                  DoeRayMe has earned her Junior leg at the MDGS Show Spectacular and her first milking leg in 2016. I would like to see a smoother for udder as she does have a small shelf, higher tighter rear attachment to her  udder.  Doe is only one leg away from becoming a permant grand champion. Im hoping that 2018 will be the year for her, if I go to a show. 



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