~Bucks are a very important part of any herd. They make a great impact on your breeding program. We take great pride in our boyz here at Happy Tailz and we love showing them off!   We do believe that a buck is half your herd and we have very high standards for our bucks!

When I go to other web sites or farms, the first thing I look at are their bucks, that is how important I think a good buck is to any herd.  And I like to see pictures of the bucks dams if at all possible.  I try my best to show as many pictures as possible so you have that information when selecting the kid of your choice.




In his  younger years<G>

His dam Honeybun

Zman's sire:

PromisedLand CP Lil' BoPeep *M

photo curtsey of Promiseland

CH Wood Bridge I'M Zemanakal
Date of Birth: 3/13/09

: Promised Land Palbo Abednego-  All American Buck kid (Buttin'Heads Palimony x GCH ARMCH AGS PromisedLand CP Lil' BoPeep *M E92 (ADGA)*D E90 (AGS) '07 Reserve National Champion)

Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Honeybun-Reserve All American 2 year old   (Buttin'Heads Sonic Hero x CH Sugar Creek PT Ring-Neck Dove *2  *2D)


Zman has been best of breed and best buck in Show several times since becoming a Permanent Champion. His personality is so calm and laid back, I wish I had

more bucks like him



this is Callisto's udder

Here is Fancy's udder

Photo credits goes to Olson Acres


CH (pending) Olson Acres DAX Noah

Date of birth:3/3/2012

Sire: Lost Valley KW Daxus *S

(Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S x ARMCH/GCH Lost VAlley Callisto 2*D)

Dam: CH/MCH Wood Bridge Farm Too Fancy *D

(CH Rosasharn UMT Pippen *S*B x CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun)

This picture will just have to do until I get one of him clipped. This guy is long, long long! He has a nice rear set of legs with nice width between the hocks.






This is his dam, Peridot's udder



This is his great dam


This is his sires dam, Nala's udder

Photo's courtesy of Olson Acres.  Thank you Vicki


Olson Acres LVN Fabio *B

Date of birth:3/26/15

Sire:PGCH Lost Valley JL Nairobi *S, *B

(Fairlea IH Jean Luc *S x ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D,3*M

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Peridot 3*D,1*M

(CH Rosasharn UM Pippin *S x SGCH Old Mountain Farm Amethyst2*M)


This little guy is wide, wide wide! Cant wait to use him this fall. Im hoping he passes on those steller udder genetics in his offspring. 


This funky looking picture is not

Pictures courtsey of CUatlilredbarn




 Cuatlilredbarn Fred

Date of Birth:3/19/15

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Winter Storm

(CH Atwood Acres GR Jackpot x CH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9)

DAM: GCH CU At Lil'Red Barn Abby 1*M

(MI SugarCreek WM Yogi +*B x Old Mountain Farm Lena Horn)

What can I say about Fred. I purchased Fred because I seen his dam at a show in Indiana a few years back and just loved her general over all appearance and that high wide udder, I mean who wouldn't! When I got a chance to bring her genetics into my herd I just had to have him.  I can hardly wait to start putting this little fella to work here to Happy Tailz Farm.



















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