Happy Tailz 2018 Kidding Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

  Welcome to our breeding schedule page. Please read this page carefully.  Here you will find information on our breedings, due dates, and pricing of our kids.  Check out our sale page for pictures/pricing of the kids that we have for sale as they become available and our other items that we may have for sale.  

Please read our farm policy thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings. If you do not understand something please ask.

 We reserve the right to retain ANY kid born on our farm even if a deposit has been placed on that kid. If this should happen your deposit will be placed on your second kid of choice.  We require a $75 deposit to hold your kid of choice.  Deposits are non-refundable unless your first or second choices are not available, in that case deposits can put on another kid of your choice, or for next year's kidding season or refunded. 
We accept deposits using check, credit card or  PayPal, but please do not send any money unless you notify me, in advanced, and get an acknowledgment before sending payment.  There will also be a 3% service fee added onto the purchase amount when using pay pal.

 **Please Note**
Buck kids out of first fresheners will be marked as  *wethers or n/a until we have had a chance to evaluate the doe's udder.  In most cases even if the dam's udder is up to our standards we will go ahead and wether him until we know that his dam's udder can stand up to the test of time.  If *N/A appears in the case of an older doe, it is because I feel that a buck kid out of this doe is not the best herd sire material our herd has to offer. I feel that there are way too many bucks out there that are herd sires that don't deserve to be. We have very high standards here at Happy Tailz Farm for does to meet before any of their buck kids are even considered for herd sire material.  Not only do we look at what the dam's udder is like but we also look at what the bucks dam and grand dam's udder is like, along with general conformation.
 All buck kids, unless spoken for, will be wethered by the age of 6/8 weeks and/or WILL be left on their dam.   If you would like to reserve a buck kid or a wether to be bottle fed,  please contact me as soon as possible. 
I do not charge extra for pulling a buck kid and bottle feeding him until pick up however he must be paid for in full. 

 We strive to produce only the best but breeding is not an exact science. Sometimes Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

  All wethers will be $95, unregistered intact buck kids will be $125 and pet quality doe kids will be $175. When you purchase a registered or pet quality kid, (buck, doe or wether), you can get a companion wether for $50.

  Does/bucks that are highlighted in yellow may/will be for sale.  If your interested in any of the goats listed below please email me so that I can put you on a waiting list to contact if/when she/he becomes available. 

For fun, check out the Doe's Secret Code of Honor page.  It'll make you smile and it's so true!

See our sale page for  information on the Nigerians I may have available

Dam Sire Due Date  Bucks/wethers Does











 Angel Soft  






 wethers $95








5/15/18  wethers- $95






Blayz'n Hot 




2 bucks and a doe




See sale page




















4 does and a buck




 Two stunning doe kids available


DoeRayMeUse links below to save image.

I will be repeating this breeding in the fall and a doe kid will be retained












Smarty Pants

 I will be repeating this breeding and a doe will be retained











 KC ExtreamlySoft

Use links below to save image.

I will be repeating this breeding in the fall and a doe kid will be retained




















































Olson Acres LVN Fabio *B










Olson Acres LVN Fabio *B







































































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